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Tailbar cichlid

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Scientific name: Vieja hartwegi Common name: Tailbar cichlid Family: Cichlidae Usual size in fish tanks: 20 - 30 cm (7.87 - 11.81 inch) 0 14 Recommended pH range for the species: 7 - 8 Recommended water hardness (dGH): 12 - 21°N (214.29 - 375ppm) 0°C 32°F 30°C 86°F Recommended temperature: 24 - 28 °C (75.2 - 82.4°F) The way how these fish reproduce: Spawning Where the species comes from: Central America Temperament to its own species: peaceful Temperament toward other fish species: aggressive to smaller Usual place in the tank: Middle levels Food and feeding Tailbar cichlids require vegetable matter in their diet. For the staple diet use a quality flake or cichlid pellets, supplement this with spirulina flake. They will also require meaty foods in the form of prawns, mussels and cockles. Origin Central America; Tailbar cichlids are found in the waterways of Mexico and Guatemala. Sexing Males are larger than the females and will display a brighter colouration. Mature males will also develop a nuchal hump. Breeding A pit will be dug in the substrate ready for the spawning; the male will become more aggressive to the female during the courting process. If the aggression becomes dangerous to the fish then the female should be separated for a while and then try again. Once the eggs have been laid they should hatch after 2-3 days and a few days later the fry will be free swimming. They will accept newly hatched brine shrimp straight away and as they grow they will accept crushed flake and micro worms. Lifespan The expected life span for Tailbar cichlid is 8 years. Short description Vieja hartwegi are high waste producers so an excellent filtration is required. Normally the males will be o.k. with their tank mates but they can turn aggressive without any warning and attack the other fish, this should always be watched. Picture Thanks to Jonathon Whipple.

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